1. Good quality,professional and friendly. Also,flexible in hours and days. My experience is very good.
  2. Excellent service, good quality and friendly. We are having a great experience with our son in Closing the Gaps. He has great tutors that are always willing to help in every aspect of his school life.
  3. As a parent, I Would like to say: Thank you . My son was absolutely happy going to classes and the improvement was real . Edna has the knowledge and also the love and care to teach and to inspire . So happy with the results and we will be back soon. Thank you very much for the professionalism !
  4. I just wanted to let you know that my son was accepted into Marquette University, PACE, Manhattan College, and Salve Regina University, all to study political scinece with the intention of Law School after. He is now applying to Exeter University in England for Law. He has been in honors both semesters of his senior year with an A-B in math! Thank you very much for your tutoring and guidance.
  5. We are happy we found Closing the Gaps! Looking forward to continue working together. ption
  6. I am very pleased with Valerie’s reading FSA score. Thank you! The math tutor was amazing as well
  7. Love the tutor, i see the improvement in my child and see her feel good about herself.
  8. CTG allows ease of scheduling and finding the correct fit for my daughter