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What is Motor Labs?

Learning in motion

Motor Labs is a program designed to help students learn about their bodies using the sensation of movement to promote learning readiness. These skills provide the central nervous system with the ability to perform tasks and transfer skills into the classroom and assist students with academic achievement.  

boy doing wall climbing

Ask yourself this about your child...

The Wiggler

Does my child move constantly while doing a task?

The Noodler

Does my child slide or slouch while seating in a chair?

Shirt Chewer

Does my child realize his shirt is wet or hanging out?

Did you answer yes to more than one?

If so, let's fix it with Motor Labs using these 3 steps. 

1. Develop Skills: Help children develop the skills necessary for learning readiness and “mastery of the environment

2. Increase awareness: 
The more aware the child is of the environment and the more he learns about the sensations of movement.

3. Gain Control: 
Motor control skills provide the central nervous system with the ability to perform tasks.

The Program

Motor Labs is a series of activities designed to stimulate and develop reflex and neurological systems. Program is done 2 to 3 times a week for an hour each that includes warm ups, group activities and a cool down.

Activities help improve eye-foot coordination, head movements, motor planning skills, equilibrium, understanding body in space, tactile responses and much more!

Why Join?

Limited attention span, poor posture, difficulty sustaining equilibrium, poor coordination of sequential movements, restlessness, problems with spatial relationships, and slow academic progress are common signs of an immature neurological system.

Summer 2020


Playdates with your quarateam!

2 hour sessions
Ages 3-11
Small groups of 4 to 7 maximum Sibling Discount
Host Family Discount
Sport Activities
Obstacle Courses
Arts and Crafts
Science Experiments

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Summer Classes begin June 15th 2020