Closing the Gaps
Know to Grow


Closing the Gaps Inc. established in 2002 when our Director/CEO, Edna Caceres became frusturated with the school system. With her hands tied, she witnessed students continue on even though they had "gaps" to fill. Realizing she had no control over a system, she decided to "close the gaps" herself and open her own business.

She is a firm believer in that given appropriate support and accommodations everyone can achieve their utmost potential. Her passion is helping people and even when she encounters the most difficult situations, her strength is finding solutions to what may seem to be an insurmountable obstacle.

"There are no goals that cannot be reached, I whole heartedly believe that where there is a will there is way.  "


Closing the Gaps Learning Center is a hub for a community of learners of all ages to come together to share and strengthen the learning experience.

We provide educational services in three interrelated areas – instructional, consultative, and therapeutic.

We offer counsel and advocacy to parents on ALL educational matters.

We are dedicated to promoting self-confidence through achievement and fostering an appreciation of the importance of life-long learning and the gratification that comes with it.

We recognize the significance of what we do as educators, and derive great satisfaction from touching the lives of students while helping them succeed.

We don’t focus on memorization or repetition. Instead, our tutors teach students the fundamentals. Your child will learn skills and strategies that will help them on the way to better grades in school, understanding topics and gain the confidence they need to succeed outside of school.

Our Mission
Maximize each student's potential, one brain at a time.
Our Vision
Be the leaders of customized learning programs for youths and adults seeking to improve in academics, social and life skills.
Core Values
Individualized programs for a community of learners to come together to
share and strengthen the learning experience.